Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Multiple columns in UITableview

This is my second blog.Here i am gonna talk about customised UITtableview cells.Here I'll explain it step by step.
step1:Open xcode and start a navigation based project,name it Table.
you will  have following files in your xcode project

Step2:Next we are gonna add  a custom cell.For that control click on resources folder and add new file and select an empty XIB file and namr it 'TVCell.xib' .

 Step3:open RootViewController and add following code

Step4:Open TVCell.xib and drag and drop a 'UITableviewCell' from the library to document window.Add two labels,andan image view into content pane of cell and arrange it accordingly.

     Dont forget to cahange its class to rootviewcontroller class and set tags for the labels in cell in inspector.
Step5:Controll drag from files owner to cell and connect it.
Thats it!! We did it. our output will look like this

  Thank you!!wait for my next blog.

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